January 9, 2017

IMA and Astrock started co-operation Jauary 2017

Ima Engineering Ltd Oy and Astrock have started cooperation in offering exploration services for mining companies. The parties have found strong synergy in combining their technology expertise in exploration and production drilling.

Astrock is well known for its geophysical exploration expertise and also for digital imaging of drill holes to produce so called hyperdata from the holes.


Figure 1: Astrock hyperdata picture with detailed infromation on it. Photo courtesy of Astrock.


Figure 2: IMA on-line drill cuttings analyzer on production and exploration (R/C) drill rig. 


By combining Astrock hyperdata with IMA on-line drill cuttings analysis and MWD data, a very powerful big data picture (in 3D) can be produced for grade control and for blasting and fragmentation control. Waste rock dilution can be reduced, fragmentation can be improved and optimized, penalty mineralization can be avoided and mixed better.


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