December 5, 2016

IMA participating in Team Finland Mining 2016

Team Finland Mining activities started in 2016, and IMA has been working actively in the team since beginning.

Team Finland Exploration
At the end of 2016 new Team Finland Exploration Cluster started building world class technology and services cluster. This cluster combines offering in exploration expertise and latest technologies and services for mining and exploration companies via one node - Team Finland Mining.

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Companies within this cluster will offer exploration services and products starting from greenfield exploration planning to drilling and on-site analysis, sampling and sample handling to standard laboratory services, including all necessary brown field exploration on-line drilling and analysis data and samples collection, and all the services needed to complete a campaign or building up a complete nation wide database and drill core storage system. Companies in the cluster include Finnish national Geology Survay of Finland (the GTK), major local drill manufacturers and exploration services providers Kati, ADC and Geomachine, analytical, geophysical and geological service providers Astrock, Ima Engineering, Geopool, Mine On-Line Service, TimeGate, Terrasolid and some other local payers.

For more information contact also
Mr. Harry Sandstrom in GTK -

More news will follow in early January 2017


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