August 18, 2017

IMA started ITERAMS in July in Boliden Kevitsa mine.

Sample collection for ITERAMS WP1 (Sample collection for other tasks and work packages) has started in co-operation between Boliden Kevitsa, Ima Engineering, Leoben University and Oulu University. The team planned and executed the kick-off meeting and the first sampling campaign in Kevitsa Mine. The team studied Kevitsa Mine orebody mineralogy, potential locations of suitable geo-polymer locations and then collected the first set of samples from blast benches and tailings area. Samples were then splitted and transported to Oulu.

Photo 1: Taking a sample with a tube sampler to get a representative sample.

Photo 2: Sample bagged and ready for analysis

Photo 3: Team checking the blastholes for drill cuttings sampling.


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