October 21, 2015

On-line ROM ore grade reporting by IMA FCA

IMA has launched a new on-line reporting system for ROM ore. The Fast Conveyor Analyzer (FCA) system software communicates with 3G network and IMA server on the internet to give on-line trends to mine personnel such as geologists or mine managers. Trend window can be opened to a browser on any mobile device (smartphone, tablet or a laptop) or a computer with a working Internet connection.

Mine manager can check ROM ore grade from his mobile device.

The trend has options to be selected including time range (from 1h to 32h) and selection for the elements that are followed. Mine pesronnel can follow ore grade at the primary crusher and react in case waste or too low ore grade appears in the concentrator feed. Analysis is done continuously and two-minute averages are shown on the graph. Several elements and/or elemental compositions (eg. NiCu Eqv) can be shown on the graph.

Trend window shows dump truck load compositions in real time. High grade and low grade ore truck loads can be seen clearly by each truck load.

In the above case, a 250 ton dump truck load is dumped in to a primary gyratory crusher, crushed, fed on to a conveyor and analyzed by the IMA FCA in 10 minutes. The changes from low grade and high grade ore are seen to undulate on the real time trend.

New FCA analyzer is accurately analyzing primary crushed ore. Analysis result is send to mine computer and also to IMA server in the Internet. All authorized users in the mine can get access to the data.


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