November 9, 2015

The BOSS Bulk Ore Sorting System

IMA has successfully made an evaluation of bulk copper ore sorting from laboratory scale with crushed and sieved material (100% -25mm) to final proved full scale ROM analysis (100% -400mm).

Figure 1: Laboratory and pilot size BOSS ore sorting can be used for bulk ore sorting dimensioning.


IMA has BOSS sorting laboratory and BOSS pilot system for customer sorting performance evaluation.

Bulk sorting performance can now be done with laboratory size sample volumes of ore. This laboratory scale system can be used to verify analysis accuracy and speed and capacity of sorting. Bulk ore sorting dimensioning can be made with KPI ‘s for full scale system. As an example study with copper ore sorting in laboratory scale (with 100% -15mm particle size) with different scanning times, shows how analysis accuracy depends on time (see Figure 2).

Figure 2: Analysis accuracy vs. bulk sorting (scanning) time with ore samples


Full scale analysis of the same with FCA analyzer on primary crushed ore gives standard deviation at 0.03% to 0.02% with 30-60 seconds analysis time.

Figure 3: IMA FCA analyzing primary crushed ore, particle size -400mm.


IMA Engineering Bulk Ore Sorting System - benefits in mining

Sorting ore rock-by-rock requires particles/lumps to be separated individually -> small particle sizes and/or fine ore material can’t be sorted.

Bulk ore sorting when applicable is more economic:

  • Can operate with high capacity
  • Reduces waste rock dilution
  • Reduces ore transportation costs
  • Reduces energy in crushing and grinding
  • Increases plant throughput
  • Reduces ore losses
  • Reduces amount of non-inert waste
  • Improves recovery at concentrator
  • Reduces chemical consumption at concentrator
  • Many environmental benefits



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