FCA in mill feed grade control

The FCA (X-ray fluorescence) analyzer has been successfully installed in analyzing ore grade just before the grinding mills in flotation as well as right after the primary crusher with the biggest lump sizes.

The new FCA model will analyze even the coarsest fractions of dumper loads with minute-to-minute frequency. Each dumper load is analyzed in real-time and grade control geologist can modify loading plan accordingly.

With the help of the FCA, a base metal mine geologist can feed blasted ore from several muck piles and contrtol the ore grade going to the concentrator (into the intermediate silo or pile).

Trends are used to adjust immediate ratio of ore grades from the muck piles while accurate hourly averages server reconciliation calculations.

FCA in sorting ore in the mine

The FCA is fast in analyzing bulk material and can be used for ore sorting (bulk sorting) in mines.

IMA can deliver fully integrated mobile sorting plant in two phases: first with pilot plant capacity to be upgraded in second phase into full plant capacity.

Bulk ore sorting is a mean for pre-concentrating in th emine while reducing waste rock dilution and transport costs (higher grade is transported).

FCA in analyzing concentrates in harbor and in smelter feed

The FCA is accurately analyzing base metal concentrates in the mill or in the harbor. In the harbor the FCA is part of the quality control toensure the grades shipped are within spesifications.

In the smelter incoming ore types and grades are analyzed on-line.

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