Ore Analysis from conveyors

The FCA (Fast Conveyor Analyzer) on-line analyzers have been successfully installed in analyzing limestone before the cement plant, and in metal mines before the processing plant at the primary crusher.

At the crusher, In the mine, the new FCA model will analyze even the coarsest fractions of dumper loads with minute-to-minute frequency from the conveyor. Each dumper load is analyzed in real-time and grade control geologist can modify ore loading plan accordingly. The FCA system includes connectivity to the factory database or FCA data flies into the Cloud for further processing and trending. FCA will give early warning in case wrong ore or waste is loaded from the ore-waste contact in the pit.

In the mill FCA is sensing the ore grade just before the grinding mills before the flotation (either primary or secondary crushed ore). Our customers have connected FCA data with crusher power and tons data and even with particle size fractions. Such information is fed to the process control computer for metallurgist and for feedforward control loops especially in autogenous grinding. The FCA system collects elemental or minerals data and shows instant and average values and short and long term trends on local panel or computer. IMA offers secure trending and alarms via the Internet service as part of the delivery.

Other FCA applications can be found in harbor or in a smelter, and in mine pre-concentration.

For more details visit the Application page or download our White Papers form Mining Technology.