IMA Core-Scanning XRF-technology and automated data acquisition is used for developing digital era training tools for geologists.

IMA partner Mine On-Line Service (MOLS) company is analyzing drill cores with it’s Scanmobile lab at the Geological Survey of Finland’s (GTK) national drill core storage. The Scanmobile houses IMA scanning XRF analyzer for elemental analysis of cores in their boxes. The analysis data is combined with core digital images and rock quality (RQD index) from the core images. The result, a digitized core storage is delivered via MOLS Remolog™ remote logging browser near real time to the end users of the data.



This EIT Raw Materials EUROCORE – (European Core Sample Collection for Master Training) project is participated by major European Universities and research institutions. Regarding the evolution of the in situ analysis tools, EUROCORE project wants to assist the mining industry by teaching students (Master, PhD), and mining companies staff on the use of this innovative "in-situ" analytical technology for analyzing drill core samples.

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