Bulk Ore Sorting System


IMA Bulk Ore Sorting concept includes the FCA (Fast Conveyor Analyser) integrated on a sorting conveyor system with a flop-gate or integrated on a mobile screen with options to sense and sort desired fraction of the ore. Visit our Application Pages for more details.

IMA has both, a small scale (laboratory/small pilot) BOSS to be used for application studies in IMA laboratory, on-site or with IMA partner laboratory. The small scale pilot system is mobile and can be already designed from the beginning to right size for quick test runs.

Mine scale pilot system can include a mobile crusher, conveyors, screen and BOSS sorting conveyor with the FCA sensor and the flop-gate. IMA can arrange such setup locally with the mine contractor.

The first step to proceed, is to have the FCA on the primary conveyor in the mine to study ore grade variability and to make relatively accurate estimate with the sorting results. This is an excellent option to study sorting option especially in underground applications.