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IMA is a manufacturer of new on-line mineral sampling and analysis techonology for mining and exploration companies.

Mine planning - 3D blast bench modelling

New Blasthole Sampler-Analyzer, called the OREalyzer, technology collects representative drill cuttings samples and analyzes them on-line while drilling. Each meter is analyzed and the data is sent to mine database (such as acQuire) and can now be used in 3D modelling.

Accurate 3D block models will help to reduce waste rock dilution up to 10% and will help to avoid up to 5% ore losses in grade control, further sulfide and inert ore can be better separated.

Less waste rock in mill feed will lead to considerable savings in mine energy consumption - up to 10% of - and thus in significant improvements in the environmental performance of the mine.

The new automated sampling technology will further create safer working conditions on the blast benches by reducing people’s exposure to noise and dust in hazardous working environments.

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Geological mapping - On-line solutions

Shorter time-to-mine results in cost and time savings in mineral exploration by fast and accurate drill core geochemical analysis technology.

Mobile drill core analysis laboratory service, the Scanmobile, results in 30%-50% less samples sent to conventional laboratories, and significant time savings in exploration drilling campaign. On-line analysis results and reactive drilling planning results in less empty holes.

New R/C drilling-sampling-analyzing solution replaces diamond drilling and reduces time and costs in grade control.

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New grade control solutions

Products, services and tools are available to get accurate 3D elemental block models in time for better bench charging.

Accurate, blasted 3D muck pile models are possible starting from 3D solid bench model and with the use of Blast Movement Monitors in blasting and with new IMA loading control solution using on-line analysis of primary crushed ore.

As a result, less waste rock is fed to the mill and no sulfide ore is transported to the mine waste area. More accurate ore-waste borders in muck piles will ensure accurate loading plans.

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Loading Control - IMA Fast Coveyor Analyzers (FCA)

Blasted ore grade is not always as estimated, but no worries, IMA can offer a solution – the new Fast Conveyor Analyzer located after the primary crusher gives immediate feedback of the ore grade to mine grade control personnel and to loading mavchine operators.

The new FCA model will analyze even the coarsest fractions of dump truck loads with minute-to-minute frequency. Blending and mixing of ore piles has never been easier.

The results are; improved metal recovery (from 1 to 3%), reduced chemical consumption (-5%), lower energy consumption (-5%), less waste rock dilution (-5%), improved reconciliation and total mine profitability.

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